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History of Gangnath Mahadev Ashram

The great sage Markandeya tells Yudhisthira to go to the Kahlori tirth which destroys all the sins. The Kahlori tirth is presently known as Gangnath Mahadev Ashram is situated on the Northen bank of the Holy river Narmada 2 Km from Chandod in district of Baroda state of Gujarat. Gangnath is famous from ancient times being the seat of the immaculate syayambhu linga known as Gangnath Mahadev. Most of it’s recent fame could be traced to the time Sri Brahmanandji settled here. After attaining spiritual enlightnment he developed this holy place by constructing Gangnath Temple, Saraswati Gufha, Dharmshala, Goshala, Stairs to Narmada & and other projects.

Sayajirao Gaekwad, the Maharaja of Baroda and his five ancestors were the followers of shri Brahmanandji and used to visit him frequently.

Shri Aurobindo after returning from U.K joined as a personal secretary to the Maharaja and during his long stay in Baroda he paid two or three visits to yogi shri Brahmanandji. Describing his visit to Brahmanandji shri Aurobindo says "He had the most remankable eyes , usually his eyes were either closed or half shut.when I went to see him and about to leave, he opened his eyes full and looked at me, It seemed as if he could penetrate and see everything within clearly".

Yogi Shri Brahmanandji was of very simple nature compassionate at heart both for saints and familymen, rich and poor. He used to give shelter to the pilgrims & parikramavasis and offer them meals, clothes, treatment, nursing and other services. There are many stories of his acts of Yogvibhuties. From different opinion it is believed that he lived atleast 240 years. His main disciples were Shri Balanandji, Keshavanandji, Nityanandji, Prithvanandji & others. On magh purnima 1906 he took mahasamadhi under deep meditation.

At Gangnath Shri Kailashanandji was succeded by Shri Ganeshanandji who managed the Ashram for last 40 years. He appointed Shri Pavitrananda Brahmachariji who is the disciple of Shri Mohnananda brahmachariji of Shri Balanand Ashram Deoghar. Shri Ganeshanandji departed in 2008 on Ashwin amavashya(deepawali) and since then Shri Pavitranandaji is the Mahant and Chairman of Shree Gangnath Sansthan Ashram Trust .Under his efficient and able guidance the organization is running smoothly.

Tour Programme


    Tour Programme for USA Canada & UK  from 15th Aril to 28th June 2011
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